Taking care of your indoor plants 🪴

Visit our Geelong florist online shop and choose from a range of indoor plants with Geelong plant delivery. Once your plant has been delivered it will need a few weeks to adjust to its new home, so make sure you show it a little extra attention in the beginning.

Getting a fresh indoor plant, picking out a trendy new pot and setting it up in your home can be a super exciting experience! So we’ve put together some tips to help you take care of your new Flowerkind plant. 

Plant care guide

  • It’s better to underwater your plants than to overwater. For most plants, the golden rule is to check whether the first inch of soil feels dry, which indicates that the plant needs water.
  • Use warm water when watering as it absorbs the best. Pour water directly on the soil around the base of the plant, as most plants absorb water from their roots.
  • Ensure your pot has drainage holes. Proper drainage allows the roots to receive air, rather than sitting in water and suffocating the roots.
  • Dust your plants a few times per year. Use a wet cloth and lightly wipe down the leaves of your plants on both sides. Plants that collect too much dust on their leaves can’t get the sunlight they may need to survive.
  • Most houseplants generally prefer a brightly lit location with indirect sunlight, but many can also tolerate lower levels of light. Try to avoid placing your indoor plant in a spot that gets too much direct sunlight.
  • Indoor plants love stability so do your best to keep their environment as consistent as possible. Aim for a comfortable room temperature between 15°C and 24°C, avoiding locations near air conditioners or forced-air vents which can create hot or cold drafts.

We’ve found that some common reasons why indoor plants die are overwatering, underwatering and light levels (either not enough or too much light).

Choose from our selection of Geelong indoor plants and follow our top 6 plant care tips and hopefully your new plant will have a long and wonderful life!